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The current business model of social media depends on holding the attention of the user in order to sell more ads. When you're not paying for the product, you are the product. Whether it's heated political discussions, displays of unattainable standards of “perfection,” or entertaining videos of people doing questionable things, the algorithms optimize what you are seeing in order to show you more ads and to keep you addicted to the "digital fentanyl.”

In this environment, the supplier of the “drug” with the least morality wins the market, leading to more addictive and unhealthy digital content, and an increase in obnoxious ads replacing meaningful connections. It's a race to the bottom that has no winners.

There is another way.

It requires changing the business model. We believe in optimizing the long-term wellbeing of our users. By using subscriptions instead of ads as the main source of revenue, we can build a product that delights the people, satisfies their need for connection, and allows them to reemerge into the physical world in a better mental state than they were before.

Great people can build great things when they are freed to do so. This is what we’re doing here at Aligned Social.

Aligned Social is a brand new social networking platform about to hit the market.

Our goal is simple but multifaceted, to disrupt what social media has become and get back to the original intent.

As you can imagine, you can’t do that by just changing a handful of characteristics and giving it a new name.

We’ve had to burn down what social media has become to propel us into the future of what it could be.

Aligned Social is based on these areas of value.

Rewiring Technology

Algorithms have a bad rap in social media precisely because of the downward spiral of the attention economy. On its own, AI is inherently benign - it does what its creators designed it for, whether or not they foresee the unintended consequences. When the intention is to keep users engaged as long as possible is when it becomes addictive. An AI revolution is inevitable and is unfolding in front of our eyes at an ever-accelerating pace. By training AI for the goal of long-term wellbeing, we can harness its power to genuinely improve people’s lives, with a more enriched, connected, and rooted experience.

Innovations like ChatGPT and dozens of other large language models from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are taking over the world. What will the effects be on us as sentient species? Will they replace our creative functions, enslaving us in a never ending loop of doom-scrolling? Or will they help take away the menial details, providing more time to be our best creative selves?

It is ultimately up to us.

Aligned Social is building upon the foundations of these incredible scientific achievements and redefining how to use technology without technology using us. Has the user’s wellbeing improved after using our product? Are their lives, and the lives of their families and friends, more fulfilled because they are part of the Aligned community?

It is not a dream. If we can measure it, we can develop it. And we have.

Redefining Wellness

A big piece of mental health is embodiment and intent. When you log into Aligned Social, you must check in with your intentions, from the content you’d like to see to the amount of time you wish to spend on the platform.

We are hiring a team of licensed mental health counselors to support our users; more on that to come… but it plays into our zero-bullying policy.

Instead of using advanced data science to keep users mindlessly scrolling for hours at a time, we will use it to increase your wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

We will use the following filters to teach our AI what to recommend to our users: “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”

Reimagining Connection

Each season of life has different needs and desires, bringing a natural curiosity of things we want to explore. We believe your social media should be a reflection of this. Your input and intentions will create your own unique algorithm based on what you want to see - with no interference from ulterior motives or agendas.

We encourage you to “align” and “release” with companies and individuals as you see fit - taking away the discomfort of ‘unfriending’ someone who doesn’t align with your needs.

With a chronological newsfeed, you can be sure never to miss a post of someone or something you want to see.

We will uplevel the concept of “advertising” - in another attempt at restructuring the business model of technology, we are introducing the future of value-add content, where the most interesting, most creative posts from companies organically win your attention. Aligned Social will not be intruding into your connections with your people in order to push an agenda. With this mindset, we can guide companies toward authentic advertising and take the pressure off the users.

We are creating AI that works with you and for you, instead of exploiting you. We will know we succeeded when you want to stay on the platform to contribute to the culture, are able to limit your time online, and return to the physical world as a better version of yourself.

The subscription-based business model allows revenue-sharing with creators without falling into the trap of chasing views.

Beyond Social

Using the same principles, we will create a hub-and-spoke network of services, from news aggregators tuned just for you to suggestions about events nearby, advice on mental health, and resources on finding wellness professionals.

This wellness-oriented social media app is also a curated list of applications, some from our own verticals and many enabling the immense creativity of the marketplace and 3rd party apps.

Making your life easier is part of improving overall wellbeing - a wellness-oriented social media app is the ideal foundation for applications like scheduling services and appointments, fundraising and charities, etc.

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